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How to make business telephony mobile?🤨🤔

The easiest and most reliable way to combine cellular communication with a virtual PBX is to connect mobile and IP-telephony at the same provider.

Given the increase in the number of remote employees in 2021, the need to implement cellular communications in the virtual PBX has increased.

What are the benefits of corporate mobile communication?

  1. All the advantages of both types of communication: cellular coverage and mobility, and a full range of virtual PBX features for all phone calls.
  2. Quickly integrate cellular and IP-telephony without extra costs or additional equipment.
  3. Full business telephony features in your cell phone: call recording, voice menu, call management and more.
  4. Full integration of employees’ cell phones with the company’s CRM system.

Corporate mobile communication is an ideal solution not only for remote staff, but also for mobile professionals – for those who use personal smartphones in their work, for example, real estate agents. To stay in the corporate phone network and always stay in touch with clients and colleagues, all you need to do is install a corporate SIM card in your personal cell phone.