We are ready not only competently help your development, but also willing to share our knowledge.

Frequently when implementing solutions for the call center you must have your own professional administrator in the staff, who will be able to carry out operational support of the entire system. His responsibilities may include tasks on amending the work processes of the Contact Center, Contact Center integration with new applications, customize reporting, more local support and many others.
We are ready to transfer our knowledge to your professionals that you can with maximum efficiency use the powerful features of Contact Center, which you get when implementing our solutions.

Training can take place either on an individual basis or for groups of your employees on the territory where you will be comfortable. But training is not necessarily limited only to the transfer of experience to your administrator.

We are ready to carry out for your supervisors and managers training to work with user interfaces and functional solutions for customer service, which will allow you to implement a complete and high-quality interaction in the shortest possible time.

We are interested in the fact that you know about the possibilities of our solutions more, because thanks to it you can feel all of their benefits.