Teleopti WFM – this solution for managing contact center personnel with a complete set of tools required for effective human resource management, demand forecasting, automatic generation of work schedules, the formation of accurate and informative reports aimed at improving customer satisfaction, involvement of operators and increasing profitability as a whole.

The broad functionality of the solution is provided by a large set of built-in modules, and plug-ins that perform more than 20 different tasks, among which are:

  • Long-term and daily forecasting based on different skills of operators and multiple work sites;
  • Multi-channel support (including social networks and chat);
  • Forecasting, scheduling of work and holidays, as well as the optimization of back-office and outbound campaigns;
  • Full support of contractual conditions, including labor law requirements;
  • Scheduling work up to minute intervals and monitor compliance with them in real time;
  • Integration with Outlook calendar and task scheduling;
  • Research staff working places;
  • Single sign-on;
  • Management of professional development;
  • Standard reporting;
  • Performance management dashboards and scorecards;
  • Self-service operators to automate requests on the absence, exchange of working shifts;
  • Portal of team leader with a general overview and the ability to make changes;
  • Supports of more than 30 languages;
  • Notification of operators via SMS;
  • Budgeting and analysis of scenarios "what would be if";
  • Integration with any ACD system and payment systems;
  • Support for mobile phones and tablet PCs;
  • Functions of gamification.

Structure model of TELEOPTI WFM solution
Despite its functional richness, Teleopti WFM is the most convenient and intuitive solution for managing staff.
According to company materials Teleopti