The systems of customer relationship management (CRM, CRM-system, in eng. Customer Relationship Management) – it is applied software, which designed to automate the staregies of  interaction with customers (clients), in particular, to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing customer information and history of communication, to establish and improve business processes and subsequent analysis of results.

CRM-model of interaction based on the postulate, that customer is a core of any business, and the main goal of company – measures to ensure effective marketing, sales and customer service. Support for these business objectives involves collecting, storing and analyzing information about customers, suppliers, partners, as well as the company's internal processes. Functions to support this business purpose include sales, marketing, customer support.

Key principles of the CRM-system assume:

  • Availability of a unified repository of information, which collects information on the interaction with customers - customer base.
  • The use of multiple channels of interaction: service at the point of sale, phone calls, emails, events, meetings, registration forms on websites, advertising links, chats, social networks.
  • Analysis of the collected customer information and data preparation for the adoption of appropriate organizational decisions - for example, segmentation of customers based on their importance to the company, the potential response to certain promotions, the forecast needs of various products of the company.

By purpose of CRM-system there are: Sales Management (SFA - Sales Force Automation); Marketing management; Management of customer service and call centers (system for handling complaints of subscribers, fixing and further work with references of clients).

In terms of information processing such CRM-system are distinguished:

  • Operational CRM - registration and on-line access to basic information on events, companies, projects, contacts.
  • Analytical CRM - reporting and analysis of information in various aspects (sales funnel analysis of the results of marketing activities, analysis of the effectiveness of sales by product, customer segments, regions, and other options).
  • Collaborative CRM (collaboration - cooperation; joint, coordinated action) - the ability of customers to influence the internal processes of the company (the polls to change the qualities of the product or order the service, a web page to monitor the status of an order, will be notified by SMS about events, choose and order in real-time mode, products and services, and other interactive features).

The main purpose of the introduction of CRM-system is to increase the degree of customer satisfaction due to the analysis of accumulated information about the client's behavior, regulation of tariff policy, setting marketing tools. Also it is possible to effectively and with minimal staff to take into account the individual needs of our customers and to implement early detection of risks and potential opportunities.

In the trade sphere at the expense of CRM provides a more efficient use of the method of cross-selling and upselling techniques.

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