Hosted Application (ASP)


Hosted Application or ASP (Application Service Provider) – its technological model when the customer is provided with a hosted (local) installation of software deployed on the remote site of vendor or the customer's equipment. At the same time deployed software becomes the property of the customer.

The process of implementation in this technological approach can be divided into 5 stages:

The first phase involves the study or in other words, business processes diagnostics. At this stage, we scrutinize all processes in the company, which fall within the scope of the work of implemented system.

Exactly on this stage, you need the following:

  • Determine the number of required workplaces;
  • Describe the business processes to be automated;
  • Identify units and subsidiaries to be included in the automation program.

The average duration of the study phase is two weeks, but the dates can vary from weeks to months, depending on the scale of the proposed project.

The second phase involves the development the technical project.

Prepared technical project should:

  • Clearly identify and register all system\subsystems\interaction of modules;
  • Prescribe the work of all the algorithms provided for each workstation;
  • Compile a list of all necessary reporting forms;
  • Outline rights, the scope and competences of each of the users of the program.

This process may take a time from one to three months.

The third step of deployment  process is configuration of the system. During this stage of our company's technicians carry out such work:

  • adjusts all the algorithms, related and integrated systems;
  • adapt all the necessary reporting forms;
  • verify users of the system and give a personalized access to the system.

The duration of the third phase is on average one and a half months.

The fourth stage - involves pilot operation of the system, debugging of system by testing effects and test data. Control and reporting of the results facilitates the identification and subsequent error correction. If the operation of the system meets the control results, real users are connected the and real data are entered. Implementation of the fourth stage states about completion of the local system installation process.

Testing of program usually takes up to two weeks.

Then begins the commercial exploitation the system, allocated in a fifth stage of implementation. At this stage, the  software and hardware complex is operating at full strength.

Technical and economic characteristics of the hosted (local) installation:

  • Large initial costs at a relatively low cost of maintanance;
  • Implementation period - 3 weeks or more;
  • The need for a physical (hardware) placing on side of the customer or in the data center of provider at additional cost;
  • High performance through internal communications subsystems;
  • Significant costs for system upgrades.