Our History

The company “Sunflower Communications” started its commercial activity in 2007. Main idea, which was the basis of the company’s objectives and its mission was the development of technological market in the field of solutions for contact centers. The embodiment of this idea became possible thanks to a partnership of our company with a global leader of solutions for Contact – centers – the US company Cosmocom Inc. (Enghouse Interactive – since 2010).

CosmoCall solution from Cosmocom Inc. (Enghouse Interactive) as a basis for the development of the market was not chosen occasionally, in fact they have the capabilities needed to meet the needs that exist today in the field of working with clients in any industry, whether it be a bank or an online store. In addition, largely solutions Cosmocom Inc. (Enghouse Interactive) outperform well-known in Ukraine solutions from Avaya, Cisco and Nortel, but these benefits required assessment of clients in our market. Well and besides, an additional factor in the selection of a key partner for the management of the company was the fact that despite its wide popularity in the world, in Ukraine, Russia and the CIS brand Cosmocom (Enghouse Interactive) was virtually unknown. Therefore one of the goals of the company was not only the development of the market, but also the development of a new brand on the market.

By the way, the company logo – sunflowers – was chosen not by chance, too. After all, the grain in the sunflower became for us the personification of many associations into a coherent whole. This may be our friends and partners, it can be our team, as well as it could be and our product, which is unique in the market with regard to the unification of technology, communication channels and functions of the system to customers. So the logo first appeared, and then the name of the (sunflower translated to English means “sunflower”).

During the first year of activity of the company was organized by a team of new product sales system, established its own office of qualified technical support, held workshops and presentation events. The results were not long in coming, and in 2008 were realized three large project to implement contact center solutions “turnkey” in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Such a wide geography of the projects was due to the company’s strategy, which was originally set itself the goal of working in that market, where the decision had no analogues.

In 2009, the company launched a new for the CIS market service – “Contact – center on demand.” With its appearance now each company the opportunity to build a Contact Center within a few hours, not realizing capital costs. And we sincerely hope that the development of this service will allow a positive impact on the quality of work with clients in any area.

The company is actively developing, expanding markets and arranges new jobs. We are always ready for partnership and collaboration with each interested person, whether an individual or a large corporation. Because accessibility – one of our core values.