Choosing any solution from our portfolio, we guarantee a complete cycle of implementation of solutions, from the development of project documentation and up to the run of the solution into commercial exploitation.
Under each solution that you choose we forme a special project team under the control of an experienced manager. Typically, the project team, in addition to our technical specialists also includes the vendor engineers that provide additional quality assurance of the process and compliance with the terms of implementation.

The format of the group, you can choose independently, and your location will not affect the quality of our cooperation, as on the first request we will organize the work of our experts in the city where you need.

The process of implementing our solution does not require the creation of a working group, because due to our partnership with telecom operators, solution is implemented within a few hours.>

We guarantee transparency in the implementation of any solution and any service that will give you the ability to completely control the process of our cooperation.