/ / 🔥 The holidays go on and the work doesn’t stand still!

🔥 The holidays go on and the work doesn’t stand still!

Remote work is the most common way to organize work in a company during holidays and weekends. Today we’ll share tips on how to stay productive and organize control of a remote staff.

1. Connect your employees’ cell phones to the corporate telephone network with SUNFLOWER COMMUNICATIONS IP-PBX – all conversations will be recorded, and the data will go to the statistics of the virtual PBX.

2. Set up telephony integration with CRM so that you don’t lose customer data and information that needs to be transferred to another department.

3. Turn on channel reservation so that you don’t miss any calls in case of connection problems.

4. Set up redirections to the cell phone numbers of responsible employees in case the remote technician does not pick up the phone.

Corporate IP-PBX cloud from SUNFLOWER COMMUNICATIONS will help to optimize the work both in the office and outside of it. Use the possibilities of modern IP-telephony and increase the efficiency of communications and labor productivity.