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Telephony for delivery service

The abundance of offers and high competition of modern business simply obliges to maintain a high level of service. Continuously analyze and improve the quality of our services.

We have selected for you 5 features that are not just useful, but in fact necessary for all delivery services.

1️. Voice greeting.
You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression! Create it with an interactive voice greeting as early as the first seconds of the call.

2️. Incoming call management
Customer loyalty increases in inverse proportion to the time spent waiting for an available operator. Set up call queuing, customer hold and automatic call transfer to an available agent.

3️. Monitoring missed calls
If for some reason the operator missed a call, you will receive an email notification of a missed call. Contact him or her and accept the order.

4️. Assessing the quality of service
Invite customers to rate their level of service on a scale of 5. Feedback is a great way to get better.

5️. Speech analytics.
Listen to calls and analyze agent responses for compliance with your organization’s standards.

Call us and we will choose a package of services just for your business!📞