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Virtual office — term that describes an environment that allows employees to run effectively a business team using only the communication possibilities of the Internet.
Virtual office SOCOCO – that is a visual workspace, where all of your company displayed graphically, with the work, negotiation rooms, avatars employees. You can observe in real-time interaction and can also actively participate in that.
Virtrual office SOCOCO – a system that offers the most advanced tools for business cooperation in the most optimal combination of both: 
- audio and video communication without time restriction, chat (like in Skype); 
- any type of conferences (audio, video), holding webinars;
- full collaboration with any available images and documents.
The functionality of the solution assumes the existence of such opportunities:
  • The ability to use additional screens to showcase presentations and documents;
  • Virtualization of solutions suggests the possibility of remote access by employees to the system, which is convenient if the company has a lot of geographically remote offices or home-based employees work or on a business trip;
  • To run the application is enough to have Internet access, you need to download the invitation link – and you are ready to cooperate;
  • Availability of informative avatars that reflect the status of the staff (14 different statuses);
  • Controls the of access: the ability to see and hear the employee, if you are with him in the same room;
  • Room capacity for communication – 32 people;
  • Messaging exchange capabilities inside the room, maintaining correspondence;
  • The ability to maintain a personal chat with colleagues. To switch between chat history in one click.
Benefits SOCOCO usage for your company:
  • A cohesive work of geographically distributed staff;
  • Economical intercity telephone service;
  • Simplicity and easiness of familiarization;
  • Economies of office lease;
  • Economies of travel time;
  • Ability to work remotely;
  • Low cost of operation;
SOCOCO - company specializing in the creation of social communications services. The company's flagship product – eponymous virtual office environment allows groups of users, employees geographically distributed companies together to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, giving great opportunities to save significant financial resources. The product is widely used in 64 countries around the world. The company was founded in 2007 with headquarters in San Jose (California, USA).